The purpose of this website is to be a safe haven for hurting people, and to edify the body of Christ.  It is not about likes, or who picture is where, or about who is on what committee. It is about sharing the message of salvation and the life, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and  Savior Jesus Christ.

The focus of this website will be shifting from posting pictures to posting content that will be food for the spirit.  The intended audience of this website, are people who hunger and thirst after righteousness. If you are one who knows that you need real spiritual food, because you have a devil to fight, love ones to intercede for, and a God who is not just the head of your life, He is your life, we welcome you.  If you are one who is not seeking to grow in your spirituality and in your Christian character this may not be the place for you.

In the coming weeks we will be digging deeper into Pastor Daniel’s sermon, “Don’t Waste This Year!” With articles and PowerPoint presentations, that will cover such topics as a: wasteful mindset, putting first thing first, purpose, etc., just to  name a few. We invite you to join us as we grow into actually becoming doers of the word and not just hearers of the word.

The vision of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church is, “Affecting Lives to Effect Communities.” I pose the question, how can we pursue the vision, when we are wasting time, energy, and resources, on things that that are unprofitable?