Life Lesson: The Carnal man is not Dead!

I know with absolute certainty, that the flesh part of me, that carnal side of me, has not as of yet been crucified.  That carnal part of me, is not dead, it is just lying dormant.  I thought I was further along in my spiritual journey, than what I truly I am.  Friday I was treated unfairly, and that flesh part of me came out of me, like the Tasmanian Devil, I was tearing up everything in sight.  I had every right to be angry and speak my truth, however the way I responded did not set an example of the love of  Christ.

Soon after I left the situation, I started questioning myself.  If I truly believe in my faith, why I am so upset?  The Bible already told me, ‘That no weapon formed against me shall prosper.” So why am I so angry? What God has for me, is for me, and its already mines.  It doesn’t matter what situation I am in, who like me, don’t like me, who do right or wrong by me, it is all irrevalent. This situation at work, had no power, but the power I gave it by my actions and my responses.

The beauty in all of this, is that God still is with me, and He corrects me when I am wrong. Even when I don’t measure up to His standards of holiness, God can still look at me and call me righteous, because of the blood of Christ. Christ thru His life, death, and resurrection took care of sin once and for all.  And because Christ forgave me, I can forgive myself, forgive those that wrong me, and humbly apologize for the way I responded.  Since I failed this test with flying colors, I know I will have to go through this situation or something similar in the near future. God loves us too much, to let us stay the same.