New Levels of Prayer and Intimacy With God (Part One)

I am learning that I will never know the depths and the immense love, power, wisdom, and understanding of God. His ways and His thoughts far surpass, my limited human mental comprehension.  Words have yet to be created or spoken that can attempt to express the magnitude of how great and magnificent God truly is.  He by the words of His mouth, created all that ever was or ever will be. He is the one who place the stars in the sky.  He, God, not man, is the reason that even though the earth is spinning around its orbit, we the inhabitants of earth are not even aware that we are residing on a spinning planet.  God the great Creator, created us. He created us out of His love.  Contrary to popular belief, we humans are not God and we will never be God. Only God can create something from nothing.  I know popular new age ideologies, lie to us and tells us that we are gods. My response to that is, if you believe you are a god, show me the worlds that you created from nothing? I know I haven’t even create a simple rock, from nothing.  If I can’t even create an ant from nothing, how can I logically even consider, or even entertain the notion that I am a God.  Create a sun from nothing, until you can do  that, you are not God, so please sit down and shut up.

This is the foundation of developing an effective prayer life.  Prayer is surrendering your complete self to God.  Prayer is you saying not my will be done, but your will be done.  Prayer is you recognizing God, and being in amazement, that the creator of all things is asking you to commune with Him.  God is pursuing you, like He pursued Adam in the Garden of Eden.

I must admit in the beginning of my walk with God, I treated God as if He was my own personal Santa Claus.  I was sitting on the lap of God, reading off my Christmas lists of things I desired.  And of course God is not Santa, so much of those requests where answered, but the answer was NO.  Thankfully, all the prayers that got answered with a no, caused me to dig deeper. My prayers  changed from a Christmas wish list mailed to the North Pole, to me seeking God. Once that shift took place, from seeking things to seeking God, that’s when I got to a new level of prayer.  The more I sought after God, the more the desire for carnality left. I began to fall in love with just being in God’s presence.  It was like God whispered in my spirit,  “baby girl you have finally matured to a level where I can finally begin showing you Who I AM, and Who You Are in Me”.

To be continued…