Happy Father’s Day

Fathers are important! Sometimes it seems that we forget to really honor the men in our lives.  To my earthly father, thank you.  For years I was angry at you because you chose not to acknowledge me as your daughter. But on this father’s days I choose to forgive, to thank you for doing the best you could with what you had.   You taught me many valuable lessons, you made me independent, strong, an ambitious.

To all my stand in fathers I salute you today.  In a world full of fatherless children, thank you for being fathers to not only your own children, but also being a father to the fatherless. So to Clyde Foster, Donald Watkins, W.J. Sharpless, Reed Fox worth, and Pastor David Daniels I honor you today.

And to my Heavenly Father, I am speechless, because there is nothing I can write that even begin to express the depths of the love, honor, an appreciation that I have towards you.  I stand in awe of you.

So to all the fathers and stand in fathers, thank you, we appreciate you, and we honor you this day.