The Answer

The world is a mess.  The world has gone mad.  There is no sense of unity, our world has become tribal. Races against races, women against men, us against them.  Love has fled the scence, and decency and order has slid out the window.  We, saints, have become so indocrinated with the world and its’ problems, that we have forgotten who sits on the throne.  We have lost our minds in the chaos, and that we are losing peace over things that don’t matter, is shameful.

It doesn’t matter, who won are didn’t win the election.  God was not shocked nor was God concerned, either way it went God had the final say. What is disconcerting is that the church of God has gone just as crazy as the world.  Hillary didnt win! What are we going to do? Answer: Trust God and do good..  Trump won! What are we going to do? Answer: Trust God and do good.  And if the election had turned and Hillary would have won..we still should have the same answer: Trust God and do good.

We are not of this kingdom, God is our head and that’s the truth that we need to stand under.  The world is crumbling before us and we as the church need to be in a position to point those that are looking for truth to The Truth, which is Jesus the only begotten Son of God.  We have to realize that God is bigger than all the Earth.  That He is greater than our situations or circumstances. He is bigger than anything we could ever imagine or dream of.  So this Thanksgiving lets change the way think, change the way we see ourselves and the world we live in.  Let’s be the people that God called us to be.  Let’s be strong and very courageous. Let’s be that stable place, in the midst of madness let us be a place calmness.