1. Fasting is not just sustaining from food, but from any willful pleasure. It’s not just food but it includes food. But it can also include things like watching TV, going to social gathering, enjoying the company of people. That is a pleasure. That why when you study fasting people always run from social gathering. They hide in the dessert, in cage, alone in mountain. Why because they hide from the pleasure of distraction. Sex is a pleasure. 1 cor. 7. I’m giving up the natural pleasure for the spiritual. You are saying Lord I want you so bad that I’m willing to give up earth for heaven. Fasting is a personal commitment to renounce the natural. To invoke the Spiritual power in my life. Fasting is also the dedication to a period of time to devote oneself to spiritual priority, and prayer without food. Eating consumes more time then you can imagine. You spend close to ten hours a day on food. That includes thinking about it and preparing it. Fasting is devotion. You can get more done on a fast than anything else. Devotion is that you turn your face to that thing. That why you got to call folks and make them focus.
  2. What is the principle of fasting? Fasting is not just missing a meal. I’m going to fast lunch because I need a blessing.
  3. When you are supposed to be doing something natural you replace it with something spiritual. So if I’m going to watch tv at this time, instead of watching tv, listen to a spiritual cd. If I’m supposed to be eating, go and read the bible. You don’t want to feed you spirit with negative stuff.
  4. The word meditation is a type of prayer, which involves not talking. Some of the best ministering that you can get is when you meditate. More work is done by meditation than speaking, when we have been more condition to talking. We believe that someone got to be making noise in God air. Not some of the greatest miracles to hearing God voice is when you stop talking. Fasting is supposed to be filling with meditation. God is saying just sit and listen to him for the next two hours. I going to talk to your mind. I going to talk to your conscience. We to busy for God to talk to us. Fasting is that time when you tell God that it’s all him.
  5. Some of us have not read the bible in a while. You can tell because we have this spiritual dryness. There is no way that you can read the bible every day and not be spiritual active. Fasting drive you on the word of God. There should a lot of the Word that you read every day. We have downloadable bible so there should not be a time when you don’t read. The Word is milk, the Word is life to your soul. So when you read the Word of God you are having a good meal in the spirit.
  6. Attitude in Fasting Matt 4 Jesus it says after forty days and night of fasting, Jesus was hungered. Your body is capable of going up to forty day without anything to eat. Starvation starts to sat in on the 41st Starvation is when your body starts to eat itself. Fasting can go up to forty days with not impact on your health expect positive life. Why is that important? Because on the 2nd week some of you all going to think that the devil is in your houses. You are going to want to break it and you going to think that you are dying. No starvations don’t starts to set in until 40 days. The poison is leaving your body.  It has been prove that a body detox is good for your body.
  7. Matt 6:16-17 don’t appear to be fasting. Why is your head spinning? We are fasting. If you are going to fast more than 21 days this is without food. Stop working or go on a vacation where folks don’t know you and fast. Why are you losing wait? We fasting.
  8. What’s the important of fasting? Mk 2:19 the Lord fast for them. You can fast for other. But when the bridegroom is taking away than they shall fast. There comes a time when you got too fast for yourself. Acts 13:1 the apostle Saul was call to change in church during a fast. Act 14:8,23-14Paul could not do anything except after prayer and fasting. People need to pay a price for spiritual leadership. This is why prayer and fasting is important you can’t carry all the people in your ministry just on your intellect. You are not smart enough to help the people that depend on you. You got to stay in prayer and fasting all the time. You got to make sure that you are open to the channel of God.
  9. Isaiah 58:6-8 says that when you go on a fast healing come quick. Because your body begins to fall under the spiritual anointing of God compaction.
  10. When you on a fast your energy level increases about 200%. Food is what making you tried right now. The reason some of us can’t stay awake in service is because of food.
  11. God protects people that are on a fast. Because you run to him. Never mess with someone on a fast. They is seeking God and he is looking out for them.
  12. Increase what you hear and read because now I’m spiritual alert. On a fast your brain is so clear. Your memory goes up, you are able to memory thing you never though a fast completely cleans you out. Remember eating is a distraction because now your body got to focus on breaking down the food. You can handle and examine while you fast. When was Jesus tested in the wilderness?
  13. The more you fast the more you pick up the spiritual world. It’s like an radar. The less you are in the spirit the less you going to pick up the more that you are in the spirit more you are going to pick up. You can walk into a place and pick up that something is not right. You’ll be able to discern because your discernment goes up to about a thousand times. You can discern things before they even happen. That why when you are on a fast you will cause demons to manifest no in your life but in other.
  14. Warning if you fast and don’t know Jesus. You will attract demons into your life. What is fasting you is attracting spiritual activity.
  15. Esther 4:16